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Good Day to All of Our Friends, Family, and Partners,

Spring is here, and despite the difficult situation we are currently in, we have little doubt that the majority of recipients of this note are making the best of the situation. It is something you all are very good at!

During this time, Sweet Grass has remained stable, working, and focused. Okay not completely focused–it has been difficult to stay fully focused while checking updated COVID-19 maps, updated COVID-19 regulations, policy changes, planning strategic grocery store runs, etc.–but focused enough to stay on top of our responsibilities. We hope you all are staying well!

We wish you all the best in the upcoming year. In the meantime, we would love to share our 2019 milestones which we feel highlights the important work that we are accomplishing together. As always we are here for you and even more so during this trying time. If you need anything please reach out - we have a ton of ideas to support our partners!

All the Best,

Andrea, Michael, Alyssa, and Mary

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