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Community Studies, Needs Assessments, Market Assessments, Feasibility Studies, Survey and Research Design, Data Collection and Project Monitoring, Surveyor Training and Monitoring, Data Analysis and Reporting

As the adage says, “you don’t know what you don’t know”. Sweet Grass works with our clients to develop strategies for whittling away at what they don’t know. From the beginning, we work with our clients to develop goals that complement their mission and vision. After defining what information our clients want to collect, we work to develop a research plan for actualizing those goals in order to tell meaningful stories.

Our research involves a variety of methods including surveys, interviews, financial analysis, interactive focus groups, visual analysis, and spatial-asset mapping. We utilize existing data when appropriate and always work to collect information in the most efficient and least invasive way possible. Information collected in this manner can be used in a variety of ways, including but not limited to, product and service development, organizational improvement, market and feasibility studies, asset and needs assessments. Because of our approach, our products and services impact our clients’ work in many of the following areas: 


  • cultural self-determination

  • workforce

  • housing

  • business

  • health & well-being

  • art

  • finance

  • youth

  • food sovereignty & agriculture

  • social enterprise

  • tourism


It is important that local people and organizations are involved in this holistic research process, therefore we rely on working with our clients at every stage—from initial planning to implementation, analysis, and final reporting. We strive to engage locals and/or our clients to conduct research, analyze data, and assist in reporting to ensure our work is grounded in the community.








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