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The demand for showing impact, rather than just anecdotal stories and one-time outputs, is on the rise, both from communities and funders. For many of our clients, fulfilling the demand for impact tracking is easier said than done. Sweet Grass’ impact measurement and evaluation services assist our clients in developing the processes and capacity necessary for collecting, storing, analyzing, and reporting stories of impact. These stories are supported by qualitative and quantitative data which highlight the short- and long-term impact our clients have on their target market.  

These processes often start with developing our client’s theory of change and logic model(s), which act as a guide for setting and accomplishing goals and outcomes for the organization overall. Sweet Grass then assists the organization in developing appropriate data collection (storytelling) tools (forms and surveys), as well as data tracking and storage systems and processes. The next steps in the impact measurement process are the analysis, interpretation, and reporting of the information collected, which can be done in a variety of ways. Sweet Grass works with our clients to develop the systems and processes that work best to easily access data and report impact in a way that affirms successes, allows for the refinement of goals, and enhances organizational efficiency.

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As the adage says, “you don’t know what you don’t know”. Sweet Grass works with our clients to develop strategies for whittling away at what they don’t know. From the beginning, we work with our clients to develop a set of goals that complement their mission and vision and define what information they want to collect. We then work to develop a research plan for actualizing those goals in order to tell meaningful stories that answer research question(s).  

Our research involves a variety of methods spanning from surveys, interviews, and financial analysis to interactive focus groups, visual analysis, and spatial-asset mapping. We utilize existing data when appropriate, and always work to collect information in the most efficient and least invasive way. Information collected in this manner can be used in a variety of ways, including but not limited to, product and service development, organizational improvement, market and feasibility studies, needs and assets assessments, tourism development, and workforce and job development. 

It is important that local people and organizations are involved in this holistic research process, therefore we rely on working with our clients at every stage—from initial planning to implementation, analysis, and final reporting. We strive to engage locals and/or our clients to conduct research, analyze data, and assist in reporting. 

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Our clients are frequently interested in the improvement of processes, procedures, and services including but not limited to employee and project management, work planning, effective use of software, client mapping, and operating procedures. We have a variety of expertise and services to implement these improvements.  

Sweet Grass starts our strategy engagements with a comprehensive assessment of current processes and procedures in order to develop an approach for work planning and organizational improvement. We provide strategic consulting services at the personal, departmental, and organizational levels to work with our clients to achieve their goals. Remaining flexible, documenting lessons learned, and enacting a systems-approach for organizational change leads to successful engagements with our clients. 


We excel at training, technical assistance, and implementation services around computer software. These services include expertise in a variety of programs and software including but not limited to word processing, spreadsheets, project and team management, slideshow presentations, databases, customer relationship management (CRM), publishing applications, graphics development, and events and membership management. This technical expertise, combined with an approach rooted in community understanding, allows us to serve as a liaison between our clients and software providers which results in a smooth and customized experience in software solutions and enhancements. 

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