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Organizational Strategic Consulting, Software Implementation and Customization, Processes and Procedures Enhancement, Meeting Facilitation, Training and Technical Assistance, Community Action Planning, Job Readiness Trainings, Program Manuals, Client Maps, Workforce Development

Our clients are frequently interested in improving processes, procedures, and services within their organization. These often include employee and project management, work planning, effective use of software, client mapping, and operating procedures, among others. We have a variety of expertise and services to implement these improvements.

Sweet Grass starts our strategy engagements with a comprehensive assessment of current processes and procedures to develop an approach for work planning and organizational improvement. We provide strategic consulting services at the personal, departmental, and organizational levels to help our clients achieve their goals. Remaining flexible, documenting lessons learned, and enacting a systems-approach for organizational change leads to successful engagements with our clients.

We excel at training, technical assistance, and implementation services around computer software. These services include expertise in a variety of programs and software including but not limited to:


  • word processing

  • spreadsheets

  • project and team management

  • slideshow presentations

  • databases

  • customer relationship management (CRM)

  • publishing applications

  • graphics development

  • events and membership management


This technical expertise, combined with an approach rooted in community, allows us to serve as a liaison between our clients and software providers, resulting in a smooth and customized experience in software solutions and enhancements.

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