Principal Director


Andrea’s training and values lie in the importance of a culturally relevant and participatory approach utilizing a variety of evaluative methods specifically tailored to the client and project. Since 2008 she has engaged in impact measurement and evaluation, community and market research, and strategic consulting. Much of her experience has been with non-profit organizations working on a variety of projects ranging from developing and implementing full evaluation plans, to specific research projects, to community action planning and facilitation. Her work primarily focuses on designing impact and evaluation programs from theories of change and logic models, to data collection instruments, to data management systems to standardized reporting systems. She has designed and facilitated a multitude of focus groups and community meetings centered on gaining feedback to influence development projects.


Principal Director


 Michael has worked with non-profits on their community-based development initiatives since 2008. He specializes in providing impact, research, and strategy services while utilizing methods including surveys, interviews, focus groups, observation, and unobtrusive measures. Michael assists organizations in collecting data and telling their stories related to impacts, assessing community needs and opportunities, and streamlining program delivery. Since 2014 his work has focused on conducting research and evaluation efforts that explore the needs and assets of specific organizations to accomplish goals and create solutions within their communities. He is especially experienced in issues related to economic development, workforce development, and housing. 


Senior Project Manager


Josh has been working in areas related to impact, research, and strategy since 2014. Josh's areas of interest lie in the development of tools and resources to enhance the capacity of organizations to collect, track, and report on the data important to them. Josh is an experienced researcher managing research projects and market studies surrounding community and economic development by developing targeted data collection surveys, interview protocols, and focus groups to collect data relevant to the needs of clients. Since 2015, Josh has focused predominantly on the development and administration of impact measurement and research databases using software ranging from Excel to Salesforce. Josh works with organizations to identify their research and data collection needs and translates those needs into tools, data repositories, queries, and visualization methods used by organizations to tell their story. Josh has also utilizes geospatial information systems like ArcGIS and Esri Business Analyst to spatially situate and contextualize market study and research data.


Project Manager



Alyssa’s vision of uplifting the storytellers and culture bearers of socially, environmentally, and historically disadvantaged communities and peoples has supported Sweet Grass’ ability to conduct culturally relevant and community-driven work. Much of her experience includes tracking outcomes based on organizational and community defined goals, youth-based art and mentorship evaluation, comprehensive database and data collection development, and place-based market studies. She has also been a major asset in managing an outcomes tracking system built for Community Development Financial Institutions. This system (OTIS) is used to collect and report data that assists in securing funding and reflects the opportunities that Native CDFIs provide for their communities.


Senior Project Coordinator



Mary’s knowledge and skills center on research, data analysis, and reporting. She has three years of experience in data collection, management, analysis, and report writing. Understanding the importance of telling a complete story, Mary prioritizes well-rounded reports tailored to clients’ visions – either traditional or infographic report styles. She has experience building and managing databases for a multitude of projects and clients ranging from arts evaluations to Community Development Financial Institutions impact tracking using software such as Microsoft Excel, Outcome Tracker, and Salesforce. Mary’s main focus is organizing and making sense of data and creating reports that thoughtfully explain the impacts measured.

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