Theories of Change, Logic Models, Data Collection Instruments, Impact Measurement and Evaluation Database Creation and Management, Standardized and Custom Reports, Impact Measurement Procedures and Manuals

The demand for showing impact, rather than just anecdotal stories and one-time outputs, is on the rise from both communities and funders. For many of our clients, fulfilling the demand for impact tracking is easier said than done. Sweet Grass’ impact measurement and evaluation services assist our clients in developing the processes and capacity necessary for collecting, storing, analyzing, and reporting stories of impact. These stories are supported by qualitative and quantitative data, highlighting the short- and long-term impact our clients have on their target market.

These processes often start with developing a theory of change and logic model(s), which act as a guide for setting and accomplishing goals and outcomes for the organization. Sweet Grass then assists the organization in developing appropriate data collection (storytelling) tools (forms and surveys), as well as data tracking/storage systems and processes. The next steps in the impact measurement process are analysis, interpretation, and reporting of the information collected. Sweet Grass works with our clients to develop the systems and processes that work best to easily access data and report impact in a way that affirms successes, allows for the refinement of goals, and enhances organizational efficiency.





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