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Providing services and products that are collaborative, accurate, and useful.


Our involvement with impact, research, and strategy engages genuine dialogue and action in a way that melds local knowledge, community action, and lessons learned to achieve community or organization defined goals. We view impact, research, and strategy as fluid processes based on shared values of respect, dignity, self-determination, and equity. Though based on a solid foundation, our work continues to evolve as new opportunities emerge, skills are enhanced, goals are achieved, and individuals, organizations, and communities change.

Knowing that everything is connected, we take a systems (holistic) approach to our work. Individuals, families, households, beliefs, ways of knowing, economies, environments, and governments influence our work and the work of our clients. Understanding how these elements interact and contribute to challenges and opportunities is necessary to perpetuate positive change, preserve healthy traditions, and reach client goals.

The approach described allows Sweet Grass, as an outsider, to collaborate with locals in a meaningful way; by acknowledging and utilizing techniques to develop systems of trust and understanding and welcoming anyone interested in participating. This approach results in shared knowledge and understanding that strengthens the services we offer.

Sweet Grass understands and respects the importance of building relationships and trust with our clients. Spending time with people in the environment they feel comfortable, while listening and reflecting before acting, provides a platform in which understanding, and growth occurs. This dedication of time has resulted in meaningful partnerships and connections which is integral to the work we do.


An immense amount of planning is necessary to do this in a respectful way and in a way that produces genuine, useful and lasting results. As such, we believe in being optimally unprepared—having a plan based on shared principles and sound methods; yet acknowledging that a plan must include flexibility to account for new ideas and changes throughout the process. Every project, client, and community is unique. Thus, we commit to utilizing different methods and types of study, rather than a “cookie-cutter approach” to promote the goals of the people we work with. We have found that doing so produces more collaborative, accurate, and useful results.

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