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Sweet Grass Staff Promotions

We are excited this week to celebrate two exceptionally talented young ladies who are inextricably part of Sweet Grass and incredible assets to the communities we partner with!

Alyssa Camp has worked with us since June of 2016 when she started as an intern in our summer field school (wand was hired on full-rime shortly after in November 2016) and has continually shown stalwart personal and professional dedication to the communities and organizations we work with. Alyssa assists financial institutions develop impact measurement and data collection systems, conducts evaluations and annual reports for Native youth organizations, and has provided graphic design and imagery for our clients as well. She has now elevated herself to Senior Project Manager, a position she has been working towards over the past two years.

Mary has worked with insurmountable efficiency and always ensures the products we create are of the highest quality. Since her move back to Colorado, she has catapulted herself from the Sweet Grass’ background and effectively enhanced her presence on-the-ground. Her organization and planning skills have led her to be the go-to regarding many of the complex builds and updates to organizational impact measurement and evaluation systems, lead program level reporting efforts for some of our partners, and incorporate study and work planning toward Salesforce Administration Certification. Since her start with us an unpaid intern in July 2016, to a part-time employee in August 2017, to a full-time employee in February of 2018, she has now rightfully secured her position as Project Manager!

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