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Big and many thanks to all of you for helping make 2018 our best year yet!

Happy New Year!

As we celebrate 2018 and the coming of a New Year, Sweet Grass Consulting is also celebrating our FIVE YEAR ANNIVERSARY!

As we reflected on 2018, we began thinking of all of the accomplishments we are thankful for. We want to share with all of you these accomplishments, because without our wonderfully supportive partners and dedicated staff, what we do would not be possible.

Here are some Sweet Grass moments we are truly grateful for:

  • We were awarded our 100th Contract!

  • Completed a 5-year contract --our very first contract-- that we received at the inception of our organization!

  • Upgraded our logo and branding efforts with the help of Walt Pourier at Nakota Designs.

  • Enhanced the quality of health care coverage for our employees!

  • Hired Mary Sienko as our 3rd full-time employee! We are SO thankful!

  • Combined our assets and abilities with Pyatt Studio, to create an Integrated Design Team that enhances our abilities and impact in the communities we serve.

Accomplishments related to Sweet Grass Consulting and our partners:

  • Completed 9 contracts with 9 partners and clients throughout 3 states.

  • Worked with 16 Native Nations in 10 States.

  • Traveled to 7 states and attended 6 conferences in 2018. These experiences help us connect with old friends and new partners. They also support our desire to learn about and experience more ways to better assist the communities we serve.

  • Developed 3 Impact Measurement Programs. Now organizations can better track the impacts they have in their community and effectively discover ways to improve their services.

  • Provided technical assistance and training to 14 Native CDFIs through the Opportunity Through Impact System (OTIS).

  • Completed 4 market studies to assist organizations with their vision. Market studies help organizations understand what opportunities and challenges are in the area, if the community needs and supports their vision, and if the vision is economically possible.

  • Created 3 theories of change and 8 logic models that will allow organizations to strategically reach their goals and objectives in measurable and attainable ways.

  • Developed working relationships with 12 new partners.

Our Impact:

  • Our efforts have helped lead to raising at least $5.75 million in funding for housing, a community center and arts incubator, and food sovereignty!

  • Completed 9 Impact Measurement Program trainings and workshops to help organizations better tell their story by collecting and reporting accurate and meaningful data!

  • Built a bridge with a family in White Horse Creek, Pine Ridge. This bridge will help the family safely cross the creek, especially during the winter, for years to come!

  • Held our 7th annual field school in Pine Ridge Reservation - helping 4 new interns build skills and experience related to the methodology, protocols, and social relations of community development in American Indian communities, partnered with several Lakota organizations.

  • Trained 9 individual interns on applied ethnographic methodology including data collection and analysis, community surveying, interviews, and report writing. These skills help interns apply their degree in a hands-on way and cultivate their ability to positively impact communities.

  • Provided a $500 scholarship to one motivated student to support their ability to attend our field school and gain applied experience and skills!


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